GILD Stock Buy Trade Idea

GILD stock buy trade idea:
I posted the chart below of Gilead Sciences on twitter on the 10th March 2020.

GILD stock buy tweet

I post to twitter so you can see a time-stamp as proof. Below is a screenshot of the bigger chart that was posted.

Click the chart to enlarge.

GILD Gilead stock chart
Chart Source

As well as a technical breakout trade, Gilead was also involved in research for a treatment for Coronavirus.

As early as the 5th February 2020 there was news about Gilead’s involvement in research for a COVID-19 treatment. Here is an article on the start of a trial with their drug Remdesivir.

GILD Stock Buy – Update 17th April 2020

With continued good news about Gilead’s Remdesivir initial test results in COVID-19 trials, the stock price jumped to $89.47 in after hours trading on the 16th April 2020.

See the GILD stock Chart screenshot below take in the first hour of the open on the 17th April 2020.

Click the chart to enlarge.

GILD stock buy before and after
Chart Source

If you entered at the breakout level, it would be a good idea to set a trailing stop loss to lock in some profits. Note: this is a short term trade idea for me, not a long term investment. Do your own further research if you are looking for a longer term holding period.

NOTE: Many Biotech drug trials fail. The idea is not to believe the hype, and trade the moves, in and out quickly. If you do believe in a company, at least lock in profits by using a (mental) trailing stop loss, or take partial profits.

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Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only, and NOT a trade recommendation. these are just trade ideas that require more due diligence and research on your part. I may or may not take the trades myself.