Best Stock Screeners 2024

The best stock screeners should have you quickly finding profitable stock trades. When deciding which stock screener is best for you, ensure it fits well with your style of stock trading or investing. The best stock screeners also no longer require any programming skills. Some offer a web version as well as a desktop version.

There really are too many stock screeners to choose from that it can be overwhelming, which doesn’t really help you. So I list below, in my opinion, only the best stock screeners based on ease of use, flexibility, and price point.

Whether you are a day trader, swing trader or long term Investor, I have included stock screeners that will suit you and your style of trading or investing. so please check them out. 

TrendSpider Stock Screener

best paid stock screener trendspider

TrendSpider is a relatively new Technical stock screener and charting platform which is rapidly growing in popularity. So much so, that I use it as my main technical stock screener. It is designed by traders for traders and it shows, as many of the functions reflect the way I trade and feels natural to me.

The many functions includes multi-timeframe analysis, drawing automatic trendlines and support/resistance lines, automatic Fibonacci levels, and candlestick pattern recognition. Not to mention its multi-timeframe technical stock screener, dynamic alerts, and Back-testing with Strategy Tester.

Alerts can be set on price, trend-lines, or a host of technical conditions. You can receive the alerts either via email or text message to your phone.

The team are constantly working on new functions and improving the software, so feel free to request a function you would like added.

Best Technical Stock Screener

TrendSpider has the best technical stock screener and is one of the most flexible on the market. it is easy to scan over multiple time frames, without the need for any coding.

I should make clear that as well as stocks, TrendSpider also covers Forex, Futures, and Cryptocurrency. So it is really the best Technical screener, not just a stock screener.

TrendSpider Key Features

  • Best Technical stock screener
  • Pre-market stock screener
  • Real Time Data
  • Dynamic Alerts system
  • Automatic drawing of trendlines
  • Candlestick pattern recognition
  • Multi-timeframe Technical Analysis

Best Stock Screener For Swing Trading

I currently use this as one of my main technical analysis stock screener and charting platform. I use this stock screener to find most of my technical setups for a trade.  It lacks fundamental metrics for stock screening but that may be added later. I will update this when it happens.

Technical Stock Screener Examples

Here are just a few real technical stock screener example results.

best technical stock screener example 1
Technical Stock Screener Example 1

This was one of the results from my momentum stock screeners. I like screening for momentum stocks as you are quickly into profit. This trade just took 8 days to make 200%.

This next result was a more slower trade.

best technical stock screener example 2
Technical Stock Screener example 2

This was one of my pullback combined with candlestick pattern recognition stock screeners. I take 50% profits whenever one of my stock trades is up over 100%, and let the other 50% ride.

If you are a Swing Trader, you will definitely want to give this one a try. You may like it as much as I do.

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Trade Ideas Stock Screener

Best Paid Stock Screeners -Trade Ideas stock screener

Trade Ideas is an excellent stock screener that gives the trader a constant stream of stock trading opportunities during the day. There are more than enough built-in strategies, which you can further modify to suit your particular needs, or create your own stock screeners from scratch.

The unique feature of Trade Ideas is its Artificial Intelligence engine, Holly. Every day after the market close, Holly reviews and analyses the trading day. This constant learning and improving her trading strategies is a great asset to have on your side.

As traders, we all need to focus on idea generation, because without stock picks there are no profits. Also the shorter term your trading time horizon, the more ideas you need to generate. Trade Ideas is the perfect tool for that, because it will generate ideas from pre market to after-hours, and any time in-between.

Penny Stock Screener

Click to enlarge screenshots.

trade ideas penny stock screener
Trade Ideas Penny stock screener channel

As you can see from the above screenshot, Trade Ideas uses channels to divide their stock screeners. Just a few of them include: pre market stock screener, trending stocks screener, biotech stock screener, options stock screener, penny stock screener and so much more.  

Many readers ask me about penny stock screeners, and this is the best one I’ve found. I don’t trade them much myself, only occasionally, but since there is a huge interest among younger traders, this is the place to start. You also get access to a trading room, so you can gain the right experience quickly, and avoid costly mistakes.

For more on the penny stock screener channel see How To Find Good Penny Stocks.

Best Stock Screener For Day Trading

Trade ideas is clearly the best stock screener for day trading. For day trading you need fast access to data and CPU speeds. Trade Ideas can be downloaded to your pc/laptop or accessed via a web browser.

The web version is nice to have, but you will need the software downloaded on your pc/laptop if you want fast real time stock screener updates. This way you are not hindered by server side speed issues. Your pc and internet access will dictate your speed, not other users on a server.

Web versions of stock screeners are more than good enough for swing traders and investors (who have more time to think), but not for day traders who need to make quick decisions. 

Trade Ideas Key Features

  • Pre-market stock screener
  • Penny stock screener
  • OTC stock Screener
  • Biotech stock screener
  • Stock options screener

Day Trading Stock Screener Examples

Here are just a few real day trading stock screener example results.

Trade Ideas Unusual Volume Stock Screener
Trade Ideas Unusual Social Media Activity Stock Screener Example on 15 min Chart

Trade Ideas tracks unusual social media activity on Stocktwits, so you don’t have to waste your valuable time trawling through most of the rubbish on social media. Let the Trade ideas AI Algorithm do the work for you, truly priceless.

 Below is a high volume stock screener example. 

trade ideas volume Stock screener
Trade Ideas Volume Stock Screener example on 5 Min Chart

Notice how early high volume stock screeners alert you to a stock before the social media crowd become aware of it. This stock went to over $15.

This is clearly the best stock screener for Day Trading.

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Stock Rover Stock Screener

Stock Rover

Stock Rover is  a new Fundamental stock screener and research platform for US and Canadian stocks and ETFs. With many ways to view fundamental data and a robust stock rating system, this is the ideal platform for all investors.

As a web based stock screener there is no software to download. Stock Rover combines both technical and fundamental data, although the technical options aren’t as great as in those mentioned above.

Whether you are a trader or an investor, value or growth orientated, Stock Rover can help you find the stocks that meet your needs. I even know of many day traders that use it.

Best Fundamental Stock Screener

Stock Rover is clearly the best Fundamental stock screener. With over 650 fundamental metrics to chose from to create your stock screeners, you will be spoilt for choice. It  is more than good enough for professional investors.

It also comes with a library of over 130 stock and ETF screeners, which you can modify to your own needs, or create your own new stock screeners.

Export Fundamental Stock Screener Data

Stock Rover allows the export of fundamental data to spreadsheets, such as excel or google sheets. Ideal for Investors who like to do deeper research into stocks.

Stock Rover Key Features 

  • Best fundamental stock screener
  • Create stock reports
  • Export scan results data
  • Best ETF screener
  • News and financial statement
  • Charts with ratio and comparison options
  • Portfolio Management

If you are an Investor that relies on fundamental metrics and data, this is the best choice for you.

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Tradingview Stock Screener Website

Tradingview is a web based charting software with great charts and a stock screener. There are many technical and fundamental criteria combinations you can use to find trading opportunities.

The best thing I like about Tradingview is that it covers International stocks, Futures, Forex and world economic data. This is one of the tools I use as I trade US & UK stocks, and International Markets via ETFs.

Some of the International stock markets covered include US, UK, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and many European countries. And yes, you can use the stock screener for all these countries.

Best Fundamental Stock Screener For International Stocks 

Tradingview is the best international stock screener, ideal for those who trade international Stock markets. They now have over 50 International stock markets covered, and include Cryptocurrencies, Forex and Futures markets.

With their constant improvements and better charts, It is now the joint best Fundamental stock screener, with Stock Rover. Except that it also covers International stocks, Futures, Forex and Cryptocurrencies.

It is a well balanced stock screener with all the important Fundamental data you need to find quality stocks. You can combine technical and fundamental criteria in one stock screen. 

Tradingview Key Features:

  • A good range of Fundamental criteria to chose from.
  • Many Technical Indicators to refine your scan results.
  • Forex screener – ideal for Forex traders.
  • Cryptocurrency screener – Covers all Cryptocurrency.
  • International Stock Screener.

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TC2000 Stock Screener

TC2000 covers US stocks and options and has been around for a long time. In fact, since 1993 TC-2000 has been Voted “Best Stock Software under $500” by ‘Stocks and Commodities Magazine’ for 26 years running. You don’t achieve this without constantly innovating and giving customers what they want.

TC2000 has a really flexible real-time stock screener that covers both, fundamental and technical criteria. Scan results can be easily added to a watchlist, or further alerts can be created for the qualifying stocks or ETFs.

Alerts can be set on price, trend-lines, or a host of technical conditions. You can receive the alerts either via email or text message to your phone.

TC2000 also includes options strategies, and the ability to scan thousands of options, making life easier for options traders.

Support is also excellent, and I was pleasantly surprised to get quick answers to my stock screener coding questions.

Recommended for Investors who trade US stocks and options, and who like to focus on the fundamentals as well as charts.

Best Paid Stock Screener For You

There are so many stock screeners available that it’s hard to know where to start. I have reduced the number to, in my opinion, some of the best stock screeners on the market for each style of trading. Hopefully this will save you a great deal of your precious time.

Try them and see which one is right for you and your style of trading or investing.

To be a successful trader or investor you have to put in the work. This means using your stock screening software regularly (and setting alerts). So it’s important to choose a stock screener you really enjoy using, as it will become your best friend in your journey to Financial Freedom. The best stock screener will pay for itself many times over.