Tradingview Stock Screener Review 2024

Tradingview stock screener review: Covering the various tools included with this all-round software. Including a review of the Tradingview stock screener, Forex signal screener, and the Cryptocurrency screener. You’ll really be impressed with the number of tools you get with Tradingview.

Tradingview review
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Tradingview Review Quick Summary
Tradingview covers most of the International stock markets around the world, in addition to Forex, Futures and Cryptocurrency. With great charts and a stock screener with decent technical and fundamental criteria, this is an all round excellent software.
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Tradingview Review

Tradingview is a web based charting and screener software with some of the best charts on the web.

Apart from great charts, it is one of the few services that offers International stock exchange data, real-time and (free) delayed data.

Some of the International stock markets covered include US, UK, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, India, China and many European countries.

In addition to stocks, Tradingview also has data for Futures, Forex, Cryptocurrency, as well as world economic data. This is one of the tools I use, as I trade US & UK stocks, and International Markets via ETFs.

The Stock Screener has many technical and fundamental metrics that can be combined, making the stock screening process a breeze.

Tradingview Charts

All of the following screenshots can be enlarged by clicking on them. stock screener chart review
Tradingview Chart.      Source Tradingview

In my opinion, Tradingview has some of the best web-based charts, and will match many desktop charts. And I’ve tried most charting packages since the late 1980s. It’s worth spending some time setting up the appearance of the charts to your liking.

Tradingview Tools Menu

Tradingview stock screener tools menu review
Tradingview Tools Menu.      Source Tradingview

The tools menu gives us many options from creating watchlists, to viewing a stock’s details, fundamentals, and news. There are also sections for, ‘Economic Calendar’, ‘Earnings Calendar’, ‘Hotlists’, and ‘Alerts’.

The social tools include public and private chats, ‘Ideas Streams’, and ‘Notifications’.

Tradingview Fundamental Data

tradingview review stock fundamentals
Tradingview Stock Fundamentals View. Source Tradingview

From the ‘Details’ window we can view further information about the stock, as well as its fundamentals.

The fundamentals sections consists of ‘Price History’, ‘Valuation’, ‘Dividends’, ‘Margins’, ‘Balance Sheet’, ‘Income Statement’, and ‘Operating Metrics’.

Tradingview Screener Predefined Scans hotlists stock screener review
Tradingview Hotlists Stock Scans.      Source Tradingview

The ‘Hotlists’ are preset scans to help you find some of the big movers of the day. These hot-lists are available for all International stock exchanges. There are further hot-lists scans available in the Tradingview stock screener.

Tradingview Stock Screener

tradingview stock screener review
Tradingview Stock Screener.      Source Tradingview

In addition to the many prebuilt stock scans, you can easily create your own personal stock scans. The example shown above is one of my own scans of stocks on the move.

As well as many technical criteria, there are also many fundamental metrics available to create your own stock scans. Although I have many stock screens based on either just technicals or fundamentals, some of my most powerful screens combine both in one filter. stock screener fundamentals slider
Tradingview Stock Screener Sliders.      Source Tradingview

The stock screener utilizes a sliding scale to set screening criteria, which makes it very easy to use. There are more than enough fundamental metrics and technical indicators to create robust scans.

Tradingview Forex Screener stock screener for forex signals
Tradingview Forex Signal Screener.      Source Tradingview

For Forex traders, there is a separate dedicated Forex signal screener. This is just as easy to use as the stock screener, again, using a sliding scale to set your parameters.

Tradingview Crypto Screener cryptocurrency signal finder review
Tradingview Crypto Screener.      Source Tradingview

There seems to be a huge interest worldwide in Cryptocurrency trading at the moment. Tradingview has the Cryptocurrency market covered with their excellent charts, and now they have added a Crypto Screener.

Tradingview Multiple Charts

Most traders use multiple charts either for using a multi-timeframe strategy, or for monitoring a number of stocks or Forex pairs.

The Pro Plus version of Tradingview allows four charts to be viewed at the same. The Premium version allows ten charts to be viewed. The charts can be of different time-frames of the same instrument, or different instruments with varying time-frames. stock screener four chart layout
Tradingview Four Chart Layout.      Source Tradingview

Being able to monitor multiple charts is a must for active traders. In addition, you can also open multiple browser tabs or windows, each with multiple charts.

Tradingview Price 

The Tradingview price starts at $14.95. There are 3 levels of subscription, Pro, Pro Plus, and Premium. The Pro Plus subscription should provide more than sufficient features for most users. But for those wanting more, you can try the Premium subscription.

You can see the additional features available for the different levels of membership for yourself, see the Tradingview comparison table.


This Tradingview stock screener review has covered just some of the many features available. I love the charts and the easy to use stock screener. It comes with enough technical indicators and fundamental criteria to make it a decent stock screener. Add the fact that it covers International Stock markets, makes it a must use for me.

However, as the stock screener currently has fixed technical indicator settings, it makes it hard to do precise scans. If I need to do precise technical stock screens, I use TrendSpider. But apart from that, Tradingview is more than good enough for people who like to mix technical and fundamentals in their stock screener.

Tradingview Review Rating
🏆 Features★★★★★
📊 Screener★★★★✩
📈 Charts★★★★★
✅ Ease of Use★★★★★
📧 Customer Service★★★★★
⭐ Rating          ★★★★★  4.9/5

 There are so many more functionalities that it is hard to cover them all in this Tradingview review. You really have to see for yourself.
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