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My name is Dan Shane and I am a trader. I retired at 55 and now trade my various accounts, even when I am travelling. I have over 20 years of experience, and have been learning for much longer than that. I am a self-taught Trader, and by trial and error, have learnt the areas to focus on that bring success, and also what doesn’t work.

Since I have more time on my hands, I decided to help new traders to avoid the many mistakes that they will encounter, along the learning curve journey to profitably.

Mistakes usually mean losses. This is normal during a learning curve, but you can do without the misinformation from scam artists that lead you down the wrong path. This results in not just loss of money, but loss of a great deal of time. I wish I had someone who helped me avoid the time and money lost going down dark alleys. But I am grateful I have come out the other side, wiser.

I hope to help people by:

1) Stop losing money by misinformation
2) Learn to trade
3) Break even and learn what works
4) Become profitable

I trade mainly US and UK stocks, and some International stocks. I will take the bigger moves in Forex, Futures and even Crypto, long and short.

I use all sources of information from a Macro world view, Economic data, Fundamental data, and Technical Analysis.

I have 2 styles of trading:
1) Trend Trading (or position trading). Holding positions up to 1 year.
2) Swing Trading. Holding for 2 days to 3 months.

I will cover information about both styles of trading, technical and fundamental analysis, as well as the tools that I use that I feel I can’t trade without. For example a good charting package.

I believe you will find the information useful, so please add this website to your favorites.

I learnt to trade because I felt it was the ultimate way to have complete freedom, and answer to no-one. I hope the information you find here can help you along your personal trading journey.

Wishing you success and profits.

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