Dividend Stock Screener

Dividend stock screener – how to find high paying dividend stocks.

I’m often asked how to quickly screen for high paying dividend stocks to a nice manageable number that can be further investigated. Well here’s a quick screen to do just that.

As the focus is on high dividend stocks, we are going to bypass the usual starting point of 4%-5% and start our screen at 8% and above.

There are many screeners that can do this, but this example will use Finviz.com.

Dividend Stock Screener
Dividend Stock Screener.        Source Finviz.com

As shown above, just by screening for dividend stocks paying 8% or more we have reduced the number of stocks from over 7,000 to just 241. But we can do much better.

Dividend Stock Screen for High Paying Dividend Stocks
Dividend Stock Screen For High Paying Dividend Stocks.        Source Finviz.com

Following the numbering in the screen above, we have screened for:

1) Dividend Yield over 8%.

2) Analyst Recommendation of buy or better.

3) Price over $15.

4) Results in 39 high paying dividend stocks. 

By choosing stocks over $15 we are avoiding many of the low quality stocks out there, and focusing on higher quality stocks.

Using Analyst recommendations of ‘buy or higher’, not only greatly reduces the number, but further screens out the poor dividend stocks saving us a great deal of time.

I’m not a follower of Analysts, but many people, market makers, and institutions are. These are the people who help move the markets. In addition, Analysts actually do crunch the numbers, which as far as dividend stocks go, is a great help to us.

This results in 39 high dividend stocks. This can easily be reduced further by screening or more metrics, but I’ll leave that to your own individual requirements.

As always, please be aware that stock screening is just the first step of a process. This is not a list of stock tips, but a reduced manageable list from over 7,000, which we can investigate further. Always do your due diligence.

How To Find The Dividend Paid On A Stock.

Clicking on a stock ticker from the screen results, takes us to a chart of the stock. Underneath the chart are the stock’s fundamentals.

Dividend Paid On A Stock
Dividend Paid On A Stock.        Source Finviz.com

Amongst the fundamentals, are the details for the dividend paid per stock, as well as the dividend yield. In this case, $1.41 dividend per stock, and 8.01% dividend yield.

Further Research on Your Dividend Stock.

When digging deeper into the individual dividend stock, here are some of the things to consider.

1) Are there any signs the dividend will NOT be paid this year.

2) Is there a chance the dividend may even be increased.

3) Check the cash flow. Is the company generating large amounts of cash?

4) Check quarterly growth/sales figures.

5) Check the debt level.

6) Does the company have a long history of dividend payments?

If you are in a dividend stock, and there is an announcement of a dividend cut, consider getting out. The stock is highly likely to fall.

This stock screen is about high dividend stocks; some of these can be highly risky or volatile. Consider some of the lower dividend stocks, around the 4% to 5% level for possibly safer stocks.

The screenshots from the above dividend stock screen are from Finviz.com.     

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