Stock Rover Review

This Stock Rover review will show you why Stock Rover is your one-stop platform for Fundamental Analysis research. The review covers Stock Rover’s stock screener, which has all the fundamental data metrics you could possibly need.

So if you are fed-up with looking at half a dozen websites when you do fundamental stock research, read on, you may have found the only platform you need.

Stock Rover Review Quick Summary
Stock Rover is the best Fundamental stock screener and research platform for US and Canadian stocks and ETFs. Stock Rover has over 650 fundamental metrics, and a robust stock rating system. This is the ideal platform for all investors. Visit Website for more info.

 Stock Rover Platform Review

All of the following screenshots can be enlarged by clicking on them.

stock rover review - stock rover dashboard
Stock Rover Dashboard.        Source Stock Rover

This is a review of the Premium Plus version which I recommend, as it has all the most useful functionalities enabled, such as equation screening, stock ratings, investor warnings and margin of safety.

When you first logon to Stock Rover, you will be presented with the Dashboard view.

This gives an overview of the main markets, with the top market movers, including most active stocks, and biggest winners and losers. The 5 day performance of the sectors is also shown, which I find very useful.

You can add your portfolio to stock Rover, and the daily performance will be shown at the top. The performance of the portfolio can be compared against the S&P 500, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, and even gold and oil.

The above example is a 3 month comparison against the S&P 500. Scrolling down further, the portfolio individual holdings and performance are also listed (not shown in screenshot).

The ‘Dashboard’ view can be found in the side main menu, under the heading ‘Today’s Markets’. The other views are ‘Markets’ and ‘News’.

Stock Rover Markets View

stock rover review - stock rover markets view
Stock Rover Markets View.    Source Stock Rover

Inside the Markets view, there are additional tabs for market summary, stocks, ETFs, bonds, commodities, and daily Analyst ratings. In the screenshot above I have selected the ETFs tab.

There is also a news element under each tab, with the option to select various news feeds.

Alternatively, the ‘News’ view can be selected from the side menu, where there are further options for ‘market news’ and ‘company news’.

Stock Rover Navigation Menu

stock rover review - stock rover navigation
Navigation menu.      Source Stock Rover

From the Navigation menu the items available for selection are Quotes, Indices, Portfolios, Watchlists, and Screeners. Selecting an item will open that folder in the navigation tree in the main window.

Stock Rover Layouts Menu

stock rover review - stock rover layout menu
Layout Menu – All View.      Source Stock Rover

The Layout menu is actually linked to the Navigation menu. You can think of the Navigation menu options as the ‘what’ you want to display; and the layout menu options as the ‘how’ you want it displayed.

In the screenshot above I have selected the ALL layout option, to quickly show you all the options. The other layout options are Table, Chart, and Insight.

I will cover individual layouts in this stock rover review as we move to the stock screener section. But for now I would like to show you the Insight panel, which is a rich source of information on the selected stock.

Stock Rover Insight

stock rover review - stock rover insight view
Stock Rover Insight panel.      Source Stock Rover

The screenshot above shows the Insight panel view for Amazon.

The Insight panel alone will save you a great deal of time researching the fundamentals. Stock Rover’s scores and ratings make life even easier.

If you come across a stock you are not familiar with, check the Insight panel for a complete summary of the company.

As you can see, this is an easy platform to navigate.

When I first heard that Stock Rover had so much fundamental data in one platform, I have to admit I was expecting information overload.

But to my surprise, the layout of the platform, the easy navigation, and the way the information is presented, makes this a really easy platform to learn.

When you use Stock Rover for the first time, you can tell a great deal of thought, care and planning went into the design, to make it user friendly.

The thoughtful and beautiful design make Stock Rover a joy to use.

With the ease of use, and all the data in one place, I find myself quickly in the zone; researching, stock screening, creating watchlists and alerts, in a fraction of the time it previously took me.

No more relying on half a dozen websites for fundamental research, which come with the distractions of ads and click-bait content to waste your precious time. I learnt a long time ago that nothing in life is really free.

Stock Rover Stock Screener Review

Let’s get started with the good stuff; the stock screener. 

stock rover review - stock rover stock screener review
Stock Rover Stock Screener.      Source Stock Rover

Stock Rover comes with some popular stock screeners pre-installed as default, to get you started. There are over 130 more stock screeners in a separate library which you can easily import and modify.

Stock Screener Library

stock rover review - stock rover stock screener library
Stock Screener Library.      Source Stock Rover

Follow the screenshot above to search the stock screener library and import your chosen screeners.

There are many types of Investors and styles of investing, and there are stock screeners in the library to cover all styles and needs.

Just to give you an idea of some of the stock screeners available, here are some screenshots.

Value Stock Screeners

stock rover review - value stock screeners
Value Stock Screeners.      Source Stock Rover

In the screenshot above are some of the value stock screeners you can import and modify to suit your requirements.

Please be aware that some of the stock screeners are only available to Stock Rover Premium Plus subscribers.

Growth Stock Screeners

stock rover review - growth stock screeners
Growth Stock Screeners.      Source Stock Rover

There are a large variety of growth stock screeners to choose from. The mid cap and small cap growth stock screeners may prove interesting ;). Again, you can modify them, or even combine certain metrics.

Dividend Stock Screeners

stock rover review - dividend stock screeners
Dividend Stock Screeners.      Source Stock Rover

If you only invest in dividend paying stocks, then the dividend stock screeners are ideal for you.

Take the time to set up some dividend stock screeners, then take the time to enjoy your retirement.

Best ETF Screeners

stock rover review - best etf screeners
ETF Screeners.      Source Stock Rover

Only interested in ETFs? Stock Rover has some of the best ETF screeners already set up for you. ETFs are a great way to diversify and get exposure to world markets, sectors, and commodities like gold.

Just be careful, or even avoid, leveraged and inverse ETFs, unless you are an experienced trader. Leveraged ETFs are more suited to short term trading.

There are many more stock screeners available, based on all the popular Investor legends like Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch, Joel Greenblatt and many more.

Updating A Stock Screener

stock rover review - update stock screener
Updating A Stock Screener.      Source Stock Rover

There are several ways to update an existing screener. Select the desired screener, and from the drop down menu, select update screener. It would be a good idea to make a copy first.

You can also right-click on the desired screener to get the same menu options. Right-click is used throughout Stock Rover, so always give it a try wherever you are within the platform.

The ‘Update Screener’ screen pops-up

stock rover review - stock screener editing
Update Screener Panel.      Source Stock Rover

On this screen we can:

  1. Edit the existing criteria
  2. Add new criteria from over 650 metrics available
  3. Add criteria using the free-form equation editor screen (Premium Plus only) for more sophisticated and precise screening.

To create a new screener:

  1. Right-click on ‘Screeners’ in the Navigation menu.
  2. Select ‘Create Screener’
  3. A blank stock screen panel, similar to the one above is shown.

I’m not going to go into creating a complete stock screener in this stock rover review, as I may do separate articles later.

Stock Screener Metrics

stock rover review - stock rover metrics
Stock Rover Screener Metrics.      Source Stock Rover

There are 656 metrics to chose from for Premium Plus users. More than enough to create almost any stock or ETF screener you could imagine.

Investors who love interrogating fundamental data will love spending many hours creating their ultimate group of stock screeners.

This is exactly what you should do. Take the time to set up all your stock screeners. Then all you have to do is run them on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on the criteria. It is best to cover all timeframes.

The 650+ fundamental metrics ensure that there are more than enough criteria for value investors, growth investors, dividend investors, momentum investors, and ETF investors.

Stock screener results can be added to various watchlists individually or in groups, or you can create a new watchlist each time you run a stock screen.

Stock Rover Alerts

I always say that stock screening is only the first step in our search for winning stocks. Not all stocks found are immediate buys. Most of the time the stocks go on a watchlist, and must then meet a setup criteria or price break, before a trade or investment is triggered.

This is where alerts come in. Before I started using alerts consistently, I missed so many big movers because I would be busy with life/work issues. But with alerts sent to your phone or email, there is no longer an excuse to miss a trade you have been tracking.

stock rover alerts review
Stock Rover Alerts.      Source Stock Rover

Alerts can be set on individual stocks or ETFs, or applied to the whole of a portfolio or watchlist.

There are many options here, from basic priced based alerts, price crossing a moving average, to even P/Es rising/falling.

The alerts are easy to setup and use, but please don’t underestimate the effect they can have on your profitability. Think of them as your personal assistant.

I use them for all the stocks that I am monitoring closely, as they save me the time of constantly referring to the charts.

Stock Rover Charts Review

stock rover chart review
Stock Rover Chart Options.      Source Stock Rover

The screenshot above shows the many options available for Stock Rover charts. These charts are designed to complement fundamental research and Fundamental data, such as ratios, metrics, and comparisons.

Whilst the charts are more than good enough for Investors; traders who rely on more sophisticated charting and Technical Analysis, will still need another charting package.

The real powers of the chart are shown in:

  1. Comparison to another stock, benchmark index, sector, or industry.
  2. Charting financial metrics
  3. Ratio charts

Let’s have a look at just one example.

Stock Rover Chart Comparison to Benchmarks

stock rover review - stock rover chart benchmark
Stock Rover Benchmark Comparisons.      Source Stock Rover

Microsoft (MSFT) has outperformed the market and its sector. It has also outperformed its industry, but I left that off for a clearer chart view.

TIP: If you want to outperform the stock market, look for sectors and industries that are outperforming the market. Then pick the stocks in those sectors/industries that are outperforming their sector/industry.

This is what the portfolio shown on the dashboard in the first screenshot is based upon, outperforming stocks in outperforming sectors/industries.

Note: Stock Rover already has several outperforming stock screeners in its library.

Technical Indicators List

stock rover technical indicators review
Stock Rover Technical Indicators.      Source Stock Rover

Stock Rover charts have the following Technical Indicators available:

  • Simple moving average (x3)
  • Exponential moving average (x3)
  • Bollinger Bands
  • MACD
  • Relative strength index
  • Money Flow Index
  • Volume

The technical indicators are more than enough for Investors, as they rely more on fundamental data and metrics. However, I would like the ability to change the color of the moving averages.

Traders who rely more on Technical Analysis will need a separate charting package. However, Stock Rover allows the import/export of stock screener results.

I am a Swing Trader and a Growth Investor. I export the stock screen results from Stock Rover into my favorite Technical charting software, for further technical screening and alerts. I also do the reverse; I import my technical screens watchlist into Stock Rover to do further fundamental analysis.

Note: Stock Rover does have Technical criteria available in its stock screener, which I believe are sufficient for Investors, but traders will find them limiting. But then again Stock Rover truly shines as a Fundamental Analysis and research platform.

Whilst on the subject of Technical and Fundamental Analysis, consider using both.

Fundamental Analysis shows you what to buy.
Technical Analysis shows you when to buy (and sell).

Knowing the fundamentals on a stock that started as a technical trade, helps me to hold on to the stock for longer, and could even become an investment.

Stock Rover Portfolio Tools

stock rover review - stock rover portfolio tools
Stock Rover Portfolio Tools.      Source Stock Rover

Stock Rover has some really useful portfolio tools. You can connect to your broker directly to update your portfolio, import a csv file, or even enter trades manually.

I’m not going to go into too much detail here, but you may want to look into correlations, and portfolio re-balancing.

Stock Rover has a good deal of info on these subjects on their help pages.

Portfolio Management is an important subject, which can help you manage your risk depending on your needs and risk tolerance. It is worthy of your time to research further. Too many beginner Investors and traders put too much risk into one trade and one sector.

Stock Rover Stock Ratings Review

stock rover stock ratings review
Stock Rover Stock Ratings.      Source Stock Rover

I covered some of the basics of the Stock Rover stock ratings in the Insight panel view section. But the stock ratings actually have their own view.

The stock ratings cover six important areas of stock research:

  • Growth
  • Valuation
  • Efficiency
  • Financial Strength
  • Dividends
  • Momentum

These are shown as tabs at the top of the Stock Ratings view.

I wasn’t expecting this much in-depth information summarized into a rating score.

Stock Rover’s stock ratings view along with the Insight panel view, are worth the subscription price alone. The amount of work and time it saves me is immeasurable. (If time equals money, I feel like I’m the one getting paid!)

I pay particular attention to the ‘Financial Strength Ratings’, as it helps me decide if I can hold a short term technical trade a little longer.

Keep an eye on this rating during economic downturns, as more weak companies file for bankruptcy. The ratings are also useful for those of you who like short-selling weak stocks.

Stock Rating Dividend Ratings View

All the tabs offer extremely useful information, and I can’t cover them all here. But for those of you who are dividend investors, the following screenshot will show you why you need Stock Rover.

stock rover dividend ratings review
Dividend Ratings View.   Source Stock Rover

Not only do you get a breakdown of all the relevant dividend info for the stock, but Stock Rover also has a ‘Peers Analysis’ table. Here you can see the other stocks in the industry and their dividend rating, dividend yield, dividend per share etc.

In the above example which stock would you chose for your dividend portfolio?

You could also create your own ranking system, but why re-invent the wheel when Stock Rover has already done the hard work.

Stock Rover Research Reports Review

Once you have completed your research, wouldn’t it be a good idea to create a report on your chosen stocks. Premium Plus users can do just that for US stocks.

stock rover review - create research report
Stock Rover Create Research Report.      Source Stock Rover

With just a click Stock Rover produced an 8 page report on the above stock, Cisco. The first page can be seen below.

stock rover research report review
Stock Rover Research Report.   Source Stock Rover

The reports are produced in PDF format and can even be printed.To see a complete free report click here. 

Stock Rover Pricing

Prices are always subject to change, so click the link for the latest Stock Rover pricing plans.

This review was based on the Premium Plus plan. I like it so much that I highly recommended it. You can try it out for free, and then it’s only $27.99/month or $279.99/year.


Hopefully this Stock Rover Review has shown you why you need this platform. If you are an Investor who relies on Fundamental data for research and stock screening, Stock Rover is the only tool you need.

Make no mistake, the fundamental data available, and the many ways to interrogate it, are more than good enough for even professional Investors.

For me, Stock Rover is a thing of beauty and a joy to use.
I find myself quickly in the zone; researching, stock screening, creating watchlists and alerts, in a fraction of the time it previously took me. The fundamental Stock Screener has never failed to provide me with every metric I have demanded.

The team at Stock Rover (Howard Reisman, Andrew Martin, Ken Leoni), should be proud of how they are helping level the playing field between the retail Investor and professional Investor. 

Visit Website for more info.

Stock Rover Review
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If you are an Investor who relies on Fundamental Research, Stock Rover is the only tool you need. Stock Rover also has one of the best fundamental stock screeners on the market, with over 650 metrics to chose from for your stock and ETF scans.

If you enjoyed this review and are determined to improve your investing results, Visit Stock Rover for more info.