How To Trade Options For Beginners

This ‘how to trade options for beginners’ course will have you quickly understanding the basics of options trading. Beginners will find the course clearly explains options jargon. With the help of a free software, you will be able to work out options trade and assess their risk with ease.

Options Trading for Beginners Course Topics

Some of the areas covered include:

  • Speculation – Buy Calls and Puts options
  • Generate income – Covered calls. Sell call options against a portfolio of stocks
  • Understand the Greeks of option trading (e.g. Delta, Theta etc)
  • Common mistakes to avoid

Take the time to become familiar and comfortable with the options trading process, and repeat the course a few times.

Options Scanner

This options course is provided by Firstrade who also provide the free options software ‘OptionsPlay’ to make trading options easier.

If you have seen an Options Chain page with all the different strike prices and expiration dates, you know how overwhelming it can be.

The free OptionsPlay tool will quickly work out the calculations for you. Just enter your requirements and it will give you the best strike price options for your needs, amazing.

how to trade options for beginners
Free OptionsPlay Tool by Firstrade

Zero Commission Trading

With Firstrade you can trade stocks, options and ETFs for zero commissions.
This is a game changer for active traders, as usually costs for options can add up quickly.

Take the video course below and see what you think.

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