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Is Tesla Stock In A Bubble?

Is Tesla Stock in a bubble: Tesla stock resembles the bitcoin bubble of 2017. This may be a good area to lock in some profits at least. See the chart below.   I had previously […]

Qcom stock sell
Trade Ideas

QCOM Stock Sell Trade Idea

QCOM Stock Sell Trade Idea: This is a Qualcomm (QCOM) short sell trade for a change, from all the long trades so far. QCOM stock is showing weakness on the weekly chart, so a sell […]

regeneron stock forecast 3 update
Trade Ideas

Regeneron Stock Forecast

Regeneron Stock Forecast: Regeneron (REGN) was another biotech stock that showed up on my technical scans as being in a strong uptrend, while the rest of the market was crashing to new lows. others included […]

Trade Ideas

Microsoft Stock Buy Trade Idea

Microsoft Stock Buy Trade Idea: Microsoft was an easy stock to justify buying. It is probably one of the safest stocks with plenty of cash reserves. I tweeted the message below on the 2nd April […]

mrna stock buy trade after
Trade Ideas

MRNA Stock Buy Trade

MRNA stock buy trade idea: Moderna was one of my trade ideas based around the Coronavirus and the lockdown. In fact most of my stock ideas at this time were influenced by the virus and […]